15 thoughts on “Alex Worden – Boomerang to Halfpacker

  1. Effraim, you were always really good at the play-by-plays and ya, your right about the elephant glide.

    I didn’t land the no scuff Boomerang to halfpacker coast yet but its coming soon. 😀

    • @Alex – Just for the record, I wasn’t trying to a dick, just pointing it out before someone else did. Lot of possibilities there Alex, i’ve never seen this combo before, thats props alone! Thinking outside the box is good for the soul and the brain! I can see 3-4 things right off the bat!

  2. 😀

    I never would take any comments from you in a negative way. What I appreciate is it does in fact push me to land the no scuff version. I hope to send you a new, and true to its title, boomerang to halfpacker.

    🙂 Cheers Effraim and thanks again for the website!

  3. the hanging feet on the boomerang coming in looks fresh!!! nothing wrong with whats going on here!!! Cant wait to see more!!!!

  4. Great stuff man! I was never sure why the boomerang faded as it’s such a stylistic move. Someone should pull a Xerox to some type of turbine move. Notice that I said someone…lol.

  5. I actually remember seeing Dennis McCoy do a Boomerang to an Elephant Glide in a sequence in a magazine in the early 1990’s. I think it was BMX Plus. Anyone know what issue it was.

  6. Damn Alex! I just checked out your Global Flat Masters Battle Two Clip. You, my friend, are such a creative rider…Kevin Jones like style. What the heck was the last trick in that clip man?

  7. Reggie,
    Thanks so much. That is a huge compliment. The last trick in the master battle 2 is the no footed dumptruck. I’ll have some news about that trick fairly soon. Keep posted!

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