Alex Worden introduces the [st]rollercoaster

Alex Worden hit me up with this exciting news….

“A new vision of the rollercoaster has arrived. Unlike the original Bendix coasterbrake mod, you can run any hub because the [st]rollercoaster has been designed to operate in within the bottom bracket.

The [st]rollercoaster bottom bracket enables the locking of the cranks through backpedaling and the internal system can be flipped within the bottom bracket it enables the locking of the pedals in the forward position also.

The goal to the [st]rollercoaster is to open the door for new tricks and positions for both the new and old schools. The [st]rollercoaster is in its final stage of R&D and currently being prototyped for the final product. Stay tuned.”

– Alex Worden
Inventor | Rider

4 thoughts on “Alex Worden introduces the [st]rollercoaster

  1. Does this thing eliminate the need for a specific hub for freecoaster style action? You could have a flip flop with a freewheel or a cassette with a standard driver and all the coasting is done at the bottom bracket? You would need some sort of custom axle and ratchet drive cranks plus bespoke chain disk?

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