Alex Worden – Studiotjoa (ST)Rollercoaster

Alex Worden got in contact with some news on his (ST)Rollercoaster, read on:

I wanted to share with you and the flatland community the [st]rollercoaster that I have been working on for over a year now. We used this project as a way to experiment with digital fabrication and rapid manufacturing for prototyping a gearing systems.
We wanted to share the concept with the community and allow anyone to build upon the idea or make their own through the creative commons licensing. We will be providing links on our website to the digital files for 3d printing their own steel gears.

My hope is this is can encourage open source product development for the flatland community.


4 thoughts on “Alex Worden – Studiotjoa (ST)Rollercoaster

  1. Props to Alex for all of the R&D work involved in getting this project off the ground. It’s a brilliant idea & the Open Source component can only take it further. This is what Flatland should be all about; collaboration to make the sport better.

  2. It doesnt look as it will work like a freecoaster, there is no transmission to back wheel. It seems to be a “lock” for the cranks stay still on certain positions.

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