Alex Worden – Summer Edit

Summer Edit – 2014 from Alex Worden on Vimeo.

Alex is attempting to capture edit to attempt to all of the links he has ever pulled, but on video. Hopefully this will be one of many edits he drops this summer.
Always a treat to see what Alex Worden has been up to, creative as ever! This is dope! Hit play for the good stuff!

7 thoughts on “Alex Worden – Summer Edit

  1. That’s brooklyn, right? That last part was by the handball courts and mini-skatepark in park slope? I ride and live by prospect park. Surprised we haven’t crossed paths, I ride that little skate park every so often. Love the edit!

  2. Good stuff! Boomerang to packer and the decade/stepover thing is sick! Good to see the one handed juggler chairs there we talked about what was that, ten years ago?

  3. Thanks guys.

    E-ron, ya I am surprised too! I ride there on the weekends both days.

    Brandon, I can’t believe that was 10 years ago! I suppose this is why I am making these edits, to catalog the last 10 years of tricks because I have started to forget more and more the links I have pulled.


  4. Been a fan of Alex’s riding since I saw a post of him last year or something like that on Flatmatters. I commented that I saw glimpses of the father of modern flatland in his riding. That’s the first time I have seen two footed side squeaks! Love it brother!

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