Alex Worden – Summer Sessions

Alex put this together during the last few weekends in Brooklyn, New York. Digging the combo at 00:26, a really nice mix of the old and the new, check this one out!

12 thoughts on “Alex Worden – Summer Sessions

  1. Super gay he used the same song as Alex Jumelin winter edit. Dope riding but can’t get through it cause he used the same song. Kinda weird because Alex was so groundbreaking with that song and style.

  2. Also, how dare Childish Gambino use that beat, after Alex J made such a ground breaking edit to the original song.

    Shame on Childish Gambino!

  3. Shane,

    Hard to believe CFB Florida was 10 years ago! Think that was the last time we rode together. Its great seeing everyone still riding. I saw your bike check from a couple weeks ago. loving the cross over time machine on the pedal.

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