10 thoughts on “Alexis Desolneux – As The Wheel Turns 1992

  1. X-leg half packers , dump trucks straight to fudge packers , switch locomotives, etc…… in friggin 1992 !!!!! Damn , I knew Alexis had a vast tricktionary ………but had no idea he was SLLAAAAMMMING down moves like this, as far back as the early 90s . These lines would still rip …TODAY ! Stoked on 3 things…..to have finally met him @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam , that he loves one of my favorite bands , Entombed , AND …..that he shared / uploaded these video archives . Salud , Alexis !

  2. Youre welcome Alexis , been a fan of your riding since you 360 bar flipping that side squeak in Baco Vision 8 , that I know of……you were the first to hit that move sans brakes ! King Pin eh , Effraim …….my dumb ass didn’t catch that , hahaha. Sounds super dope , Big -E ! Maybe ya could post one of his albums on F.B. ? I literally listen to ANY / EVERY kind of music there is , haha…….always stoked to hear , find new artists from ANY genre / time era of music ……recently got into the band , Portal , older M.C. Hammer , the band Foco Fatuo , think I spelled that wrong , the Chain Smokers , etc, etc….EVERYTHING , haha ……..and Alexander Oneil !! Remember HIM , Effraim …….old school singer from the mid 80s , think hes from YOUR neck of the woods ……the U.K. !! Also…….Alexis ……..check out Gate Creeper , their NEW album , theyre kinda a throw back Death Metal band from the new school , that gives homage , props to Swedish sounding Death Metal from the early 90s .

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