6 thoughts on “Allied Session w/Renz Viaje & Julian Coco Dela Cruz

  1. lol! just thought of something funny.
    i dont know anything about this video…
    but everywhere around the world its the same story – the people in the background just do not give a shit about flatland!.
    wether its in impulsivity or whatever video. the people in the background always look for a second or 2 and keep walking….i guess in a way its a good thing – you get to have your session in peace…but still

    hey effraim – you got any theories as to why flatland as a "pink elephant in the room" thats meant to be ignored by pedestrians??

    anyways. AMAZING RIDING! LOVE FLATLAND despite anything@!@

  2. Bikes are viewed as just little kids on bikes, I dont know about canada, but here in the UK, in the early 80's there was a show called "Bmx Beat" and the phrase "bmx boys have a lot of fun" was cringe worthy then, and still is, so its a little bit of how its presented in the media. Whether its presented in a credible light, has a huge bearing, as Im sure its not like that in japan, its respected.
    There are always pedestrains who do take notice, its like a 1-10 scenerio tho….

  3. lol @ "bmx boys have a lot of fun" hahah …

    btw this looks like south america to me…could be wrong tho..

    and holy crap @ 2:22!!

  4. this footage! shoot in my old riding spot this is a allied Bank parking lot this is a simple jam session when Julian COCO visiting us here in Makati Philippines coco lives far away from us he ride alone in his town so if he coming we ride anywhere and nothing special in that day we just want to ride and have fun!! peace!

  5. Yeah also E remember the Kellogs BMX t.v comp on Channel 4 in 1984 and 1985 they would play that song and we were stuck with it ,strange but in video's the world goes by as normal when riders are bustin out ,guess its the same everywhere.

  6. Looks like Philippines to me. Those dudes are busting.

    People don't pay attention because they can't comprehend what's going on. You have to remember for someone who doesn't know anything about bmx or flatland tricks, their minds are still in pre-1980 mode.
    We can understand the language of flatland, but for most people it's just noise. Especially with those tricks.
    Do a bar ride, they might comprehend and be stoked….

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