Aloha Jam 2018 – July 3/10th + Pedro Melo Clip!

Bobby Carter is making an effort to put the lifestyle, culture, and storyline back into BMX events. Peep this years flyer right here plus an amazing Pedro melo clip below and get yourself over to Hawaii if you can!

“Prepare yourself for a week of riding and island adventures. Get motivated, be creative, meet new people, and most of all have fun! For an entire week riders will be able to jam together and go on adventures around the island. This year we kick off the week with the American Independence Day celebration. There will be fireworks displays around the island and lots activities. The riding format is free form throughout the week, so if you want to ride, just call a session and we’ll make it happen. Planned activities include a BMX Luau, a Photo Safari, and depending on interest, a bonus inter-island trip to the Big Island to check out live volcanos. BRING YOUR BIKE AND GOOD VIBES. LET’S GO!”

Aloha Jam – Flatland BMX – Pedro Melo from Diversion TV on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Aloha Jam 2018 – July 3/10th + Pedro Melo Clip!

  1. That clip is absolutely insane! Respect bobby for doing the aloha jam, really good for the culture. We need this side of the sport so much.

  2. The world needs more of this! The amount of happiness in all of this is just staggering. Creativity, passion and connection, just about captures all of the reasons I consider when I think about life and ask, “why are we here”. Couldn’t be a more perfect clip for this post!

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