Amos Burke – Ride Everything

60 Second #RideEverything Phone edit with Amos Burke from emer bmx on Vimeo.

Johann Chan made the trip down to Hastings recently to grab a session with Amos Burke. Here’s what Johann had to say about this edit:

“Amos Burke manages to shred a mix of Flat, bowls, ledges and rails all on one bike.
A couple of weeks ago, we drove down to Hastings, with the plan of riding flat & the Source park.
After a quick ground session, we headed down to the Source. By the time we reached the sea front, I felt like I’d teleported straight into an old Backyard video.
The inner BMX nerd got the better of me, and before you know it, the phone was out, and a clip for Instagram ended up being two…”

7 thoughts on “Amos Burke – Ride Everything

  1. I really like the vibe in this video. Also, nice to see the face (and riding!) of Amos after seeing his name in the comments.

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