Anane Deco – Hope Of Flatland / Ghana

Anane Deco recently reached out to me to help share his video with the flatland world, all the way out in Ghana getting it done. Really loved the narrative and message in this one, make sure you watch this!

“This video depicts the thoughts and hopes of West African Ghanaian Flatland Rider : Gabriel Anane Asmoah. Flatland is a worldwide movement only flatlanders will take care of, we are the ones we are waiting for. Let’s move flatland and help the riders worldwide to develop and promote their skill of Floor BMX, for riders like Anane, Flatland is a way out of the system and working hard on the BMX means opportunities to see the world, make friends and be part of an international community of riders, events and above all, a part of the family.”

4 thoughts on “Anane Deco – Hope Of Flatland / Ghana

  1. I met Anane last March while on a Business trip to Ghana. Prior to my trip to the tiny West African country I had done a bit of a digging about what to expect and somehow found out they had a few flatland riders. Thanks to Internet and social media, I got in touch with Anane and we agreed to meet. At the same time, Dub and I were talking about the challenges of getting BMX, let alone flatland specifics parts in some of the poorest places in Africa. After hearing I was going to be down there, Dub arranged for little IGI care package to be sent to me in Vancouver so that I could deliver it to Anane. Thanks Dub! Now the conference I was attending was held in the capital Accra but that’s not where Anane lives. The ever motivated Ghanean took on an overnight journey with one of his buddies in an overcrowded bus across half the country on dirt roads just so that we could ride together a few hours. I was unfortunately unable to bring my own bike on this trip but Anane gladly shared his ride. The IGI package was delivered, we rode, exchange ideas and stories, shared a meal and promised to stay in touch. Anane is really dedicated in both progressing with flatland but also promoting our sport/art across Ghana and Africa. He is very talented and very genuine individual. As faith would have it, it looks like I will find myself going to Ghana again in 2018. I ll make every effort to bring my bike along this time to have an even better session with Anane. As Bobby Carter would say:” Worldwide!”

  2. This is so cool! I can imagine how hard it might be to get what you need to ride in many places in the world. Rad that Dub sent him a care package. Keep riding man!

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