Andrew Faris Intrikat Foreground

Part of the bonus section from inTRIKat’s BACKGROUND by Chad Johnston, DVD, 2008.
A tribute to Andrew Faris, one of the major influences on modern flatland showing five years of contest footage from 1996 to 2000.
Spoiler alert: The final few seconds of this clip may frustrate you.

6 thoughts on “Andrew Faris Intrikat Foreground

  1. Just what i needed. Everytime i see andrew footage i want to go try some crazy tricks. The first time i ever saw flatland was at dv8 in saskatoon in 2000 and it was faris rigby statychuk steve roy And although the other guys were amazing faris was doing all the manly tricks, making him more fun to watch. Because it was my first time watching flat, it was a lot to process but i was so inspired by his ability to take pain. He fell hard many times to do all his tricks, and was smiling as he hit the ground. It was awesome. When he finally pulled the whopper everybody went crazy. It was like as loud as a rock concert. At that time i didnt know anybody else had ever done it. Nitzke, Mulder, Meyer, etc

  2. Yeah Brandon Bill Nitschke invented the Whopper back in 1990 still a rad trick and a lot of guys regularly do them ,never loses its popularity that trick.

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