Andrew Wickham pranks everyone in all classes – BITR

BITR this year was full of memorable moments, Joe Cicman explains this one:

“Everyone says they like to have fun. Andrew Wickham makes fun at every turn. In an act of complete irreverence, this top-notch rider entered every class as a protest against sandbagging. The AFA compensated all of the riders in the classes he hijacked and acknowledges that freestyle exists at all levels of life.

Please enjoy what may very well be the most disruptive, jarring moment of the entire inaugural year of The New AFA.

…and yes, Andrew Wickham crushed Novice Class with this Dog Decade. Total #NBD – please do not try at home.”

7 thoughts on “Andrew Wickham pranks everyone in all classes – BITR

  1. I like Andrew and he is a funny dude but this absolutely reckless endangerment of another life-form that is incapable of voluntarily consenting to taking part in the stunt. Buster’s head gets a pretty significant rattle from the landing and we’ve all taken a fall and rolled on even basic tricks. Imagine Buster got flattened in such an accident? Not worth it and not remotely responsible.

  2. The dog isn’t haven’t fun. F*&* his poor head is abruptly snapping all around. I couldn’t even watch the entire clip after seeing the jarring that took place when he missed the hitchhiker.

    On a more positive and responsible note, Mark McGrade. I loved your latest post. You inspire me to ride with your motivation. Keep it up and your riding is so freaking smooth.

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