Anthony Schneidewind – 2018

The content just keeps coming on Flatmattersonline, and today we start our Saturday morning posts with a great one from across the pond. Anthony Schneidewind is one of the dopest amateur riders win the US contest flatland circuit. By the look of this intro section that documents the frustration that flatland brings, Anthony put in some work on his “2018” edit sot over in the summer. The section kicks in around the 2:06 mark, good work Anthony!

14 thoughts on “Anthony Schneidewind – 2018

  1. Ah yes the frustration of course, & the annoyances of flat. Nice short links but you forgot to say ‘damn it”, like Jody Temple in Same Thing Daily, Anthony. This itself, is probably 1 of the reasons many people don’t have the patience for this crazy little thing called flat.

  2. Very true, but I think you can say that about anything Tristan. To be good at anything takes a level of frustration and hard work to reach that point otherwise what happens is you just get bored and move to the next thing. There are levels to this of course, but if something too easy I think people turn off from it. Props to Anthony, he’s a smooth cat.

  3. There’s no doubt more people would rather kick a football around, hence why I said many haven’t got the patience for flat. How many times have we been riding somwhere, & someone may say, if I tried that, I’d break my neck, or something similar.

  4. Totally get that Tristan, but when you think about it… to be good at football? Thats hard to me ho many footballers truly have a lot of skill most are totally overpaid for what they actually do, its maybe easier just to kick a football then it is to do a trick on a bike. It’s about stepping stones and raising peoples motivations. I do that a lot when I am coaching kids flatland, I teach any trick in order to build motivation and so far touch wood, its working!

  5. Agreed footballers are overpaid. At least it’s debateable to some. And they get the cash because they’ve a huge following. I actually respect footballers, because they can do what I can’t. And the same goes for riders who can do what I can’t.

  6. I appreciate you sharing Anthony’s edit. This guy means a lot to me and has really taken me under his “Flatland” wing. He’s was one of the first people I ever saw ride Flatland and totally blew my mind. His love for riding inspires me on the daily. This guys lives, breathes, and sleeps bmx and has a true appreciation for for all riders and supporters.

    Fantastic edit, Anthony! Keep being you!

  7. Refreshing riding with brakes and flow ! Love it !
    And yeah it takes times and dedication to achieve any trick or combo, sometimes it drives us crazy but damn…when you succeed…Nobody can understand what it is !!!

  8. Been following Anthony , his riding since 2012 . Love his combos ! I was just waiting for this edit , seeing his uploads on F.B. , the beginning of this edit…………..Yup , the REAL struggle / reality of riding flatland , TRUE grit , determination , WILLINGNESS to FAIL a million and a half times over ………..just to get that one combo / trick . I personally had countless sessions like that during my pre M.O.C. practice ……..Talk about ALOT of swearing , yelling , bugging out during ENTIRE sessions , hahaha. Its funny NOW , but WASNT funny at the time , haha , buuuuuuut , man , do I really dig Anthonys Karl turbine / boomerang catch to left cross cobain roll , his jugglers to hikers , super controlled while exiting combos , hell bruv , EVERY link in this new edit was superb ! STOKED he got this done , gonna be watching this a bunch ! Well done , Anthony …….Smooth , technical , fluid links , REALLY digging THAT , campeon !

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