AresBykes X Superb Japan Tour 2011 DVD Review.

One of the best things about making this site, is getting free stuff through the post that you would pay for! Case in point right here with this “AresBykes X Superb Japan Tour 2011” DVD.

Hiroya Morisaki
York Uno
Yoshihiro Shinde
Hironao Doko
Kohei Fuji

Matthias Dandois
Yohei Uchino
Tsutomu Kitayama
Kotaro Arai

The dvd itself is 30 mins long with a 7 min bonus section. There is also a how to section as well. It struck me as brilliant marketing, where the video not only showcases the best riding and moments of the trip, but also remembers who will be buying this DVD. The japanese in general really do seem to understand where they come from, and how to maintain a good future.

I’ve been sitting on this dvd for at least 2 months, and it hasn’t got old yet.
With one of the best and most diverse flatland teams out there, you think to yourself it’s hard to go wrong, combine the road-trip format with nine riders jamming with local riders, flatland games, this dvd flows nicely and makes easy viewing. It would uber time consuming to detail every link these guys do, so for the purposes of this review I’ll give you the highlights from the guys who stood out for me.

Kotaro Arai – Opens the video with a nice nosewheelie jump to steam out to stem whiplash!

York Uno – Smooth no handed steam locked under pedal ala’ Matthias flip to straight bar crackpacker!

Hiroya Morisaki – Everyone knows Hiro has really stepped up his game again. Some favourites of mine include the xft mega turbine half whip to xft inside steam no scuff winds it up into backwards spinning xft spinning steam hand round the back jump to halfpacker pivot to inside xft steam steam flip jump to time machine! Thats basically 3 bangers in one combo!

Ucchie – It’s a testament to his level that what you see on the video he is now busting in contests, just incredible! (You know the combos) The man is in his prime right now.

Matthias Dandois – Half cab nose wheelie to hang 5 turbines fire hydrant to half hiker turbines boomerang jump to pedals out, short, snappy and nice!

Tsutomu Kitayama is one of the most stylish cats on the planet, I love this guys riding, and I was kind of surprised he wasn’t invited to the Circle of Balance. Some of my favourite combos from him are: X ft hang 5 on the left side boomerang around to xft steam x over to inside xft backwards steam turbines flowing back and forward pivot to karl 360 to steam turbine x over to two footed inside xft steam turbines without holding seat boomerang out to pedals, so steezie!! And his last combo! Steam turbine pivot to xft inside steam turbines pivot to spinning circle to halfpacker one handed pivot to inside backwards xft spinning steam, so so nice!!! That last switch is one of the best switches I have seen in a long time! Hell yes!!!

Beats from the likes of York Uno, DJ Baku….

Incredible dvd! I got this review copy from the Adrian at Brakeless distribution, contact them if your interested in this, It is definitely worth a purchase! There’s so much more than what I have mentioned! Very stoked on the vibe of this!

5 thoughts on “AresBykes X Superb Japan Tour 2011 DVD Review.

  1. Shit, I wish more riders would start releasing dvds again. They should just make limited releases. What do you think effraim?

    • @pugford

      It would be nice to sure, I’m a big fan of the dvd. It’s just whether its worth their time and costs. I know a lot of people lose money on dvds, especially nowadays when it gets put online it kills the sales.

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