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Review: Effraim.
Photos: Effraim, Armour Bikes.

Normally I wouldn’t say a peg review was such a big deal for me to undertake, but for me having used a larger diameter peg for the majority of my riding career switching to a thinner diameter peg was a huge deal.
When I rode for OG I used a smaller peg, and I stopped using them.The reason why was, I would stop riding and I could still feel the peg walking down the road which escalated till limping after sessions, this problem persisted until I switched to a bigger peg.
For years I had put this problem down to the size of the peg, and your foot bending around peg and not sitting as firmly as it would on a larger diameter peg.
Like anything I test I like to give the product some time to test and give some honest feedback on. Last October I was riding at my indoor riding spot and Matti Hemmings came along for a session, we were discussing x-ft pivots and the length of my pegs, I noticed Matti ran slightly longer pegs.

I thought to my self this might be a benefit for me, and also I was looking to get back into back wheel riding and grabbing the peg would be more comfortable.
What I immediately liked about the Armour Bikes pegs was the option of ti or plastic ends for the pegs, and the simple design. Pegs don’t have to be complicated, and means if I drop the bike indoors it doesn’t mark the floor. My main concern sorted, Matti got in contact with the chaps from Armour Bikes and got me some of his “Mad Ti” signature pegs.
What I noticed immediately when I started riding, was the grip. The knurling is awesome, and pretty much a year on, the grip is exactly the same. Less of a ball ache than changing grippe numerous times during the hot summer. The length of pegs was perfect for all the xft pivots that I do and am learning.

So, did my problem with my foot come back?
No, and touch wood it hasn’t so far almost a year in, riding these Armour Bikes pegs….
I wanted to give the peg some time to give an honest review, and I couldn’t really be any happier. The plastic ends have held up well and the ti ends on the front are perfect. The ti ends are a tad grippier than plastic for pivots which I personally like.
I’m not really a weight freak, but the pegs are literally so light when they arrived in the post I was blown away with the fact it thought like nothing was in the package.
Matti is on the ball with feedback on the peg, and Dez Maarsen suggested some washers so you can adjust the length, some like smaller width, some riders a longer peg. And the new colour way has the class finish of an iPhone, the 2019 model features this upgrade. This peg seems pretty much bang on the money as far as pegs go, this one gets the thumbs up from me. Good work Armour and Matti. Available from flatland fuel, armour bikes and any other good stores across the globe.

For all of you interested in specs:

6061-T6 body;
Grade5 titanium cap;
112mm length;
38mm diameter;
185grams/pair weight;
14mm axle with 10mm adapter.
Optional 4mm extenders;
Optional nylon caps.

11 thoughts on “Armour Bikes Mad Ti Peg Review

    • Interesting, the OG pegs were slightly smaller diameter than these armour bikes pegs. And I’m wondering about the importance of your sole on shoe, especially with pivots these days. It’s useful info, that no one talks about.

      • I’d be interested to hear different solutions to foot problems. I don’t have much pain but I’ve been losing feeling in a few of my toes over the past few years.

        • Hi Keith, me personally can’t riding the smaller diameter pegs cause the pain and after that, same loosing of feeling in toes. What helped me are orthopedic shoe leather stickers. Its named orthopedic hearts in Czech. Try to search. I put it into non riding shoes and helps me to solve this problem. Doctor-freind of mine told me this when I showed him my feet.
          Looks like this:

          , buy some of them with size diagram for right placing in shoe…hope it helps. That loose feeling in toes sucks. Cheers

  1. I think smaller diameter ones are easier like the balance point and control but yeah I feel plastic pegs ease the pain and of course I can grind more things good review e

    • @Tristan – yes I prefer the stiffer sole also, just means you can ride longer also. I wonder in hindsight, if it was just that detail that caused the foot pain back in the day..

  2. It may very well be that little detail, kind of similar to how we position our bodies, & or timing will depend on a combo or trick being pulled or not, if you follow.

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