Arriving early to Ninja Spin? Need a spot to ride?

Here is some useful information that Quentin Pelorson just dropped me an email with for any riders hitting up the Ninja Spin contest this weekend in Grenoble, France.


“Hello everybody.
For those who will arrive some days before the NinjaSpin in Grenoble this is some spots informations :

SpotA : 18 Boulevard Clemenceau, 38100 Grenoble
SpotB : 7 Place Bir Hakeim, 38000 Grenoble

We will be riding at spot A during the afternoon and move to spot B after 5:30 pm.
Note: Spot B is an office building, better wait the end of work (5:30 pm) to not get kick out.

In case of here is my mail :
Welcome in Grenoble !”

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