ART BMX Webzine #0!

No more reviews of ART BMX Magazine needed! It’s all here for you online now free of charge for everyone worldwide! Issue #0 has a ton of varied content, but of flatland interest Alain Massabova’s Custom ride, Viki Gomez & Jesse Puente Flat Kings, Red Bull Circle of Balance, Stephane Royer Interview, stood out on first look through, there is so much more. Enjoy this!

5 thoughts on “ART BMX Webzine #0!

  1. don’t worry the “paper issue” is not dead, it will be even bigger and heavier, with more exclusive content and feature ! it will come in 2 month and will be a quarterly mag ! so what do you think? the best of both world !

    • @edgerider -Thats a good idea! i guess the issue is getting it distributed as cheap as possible worldwide!Perhaps look at The Albion, see what they do. thanks for the post!

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