Art Thomason – 43 Part 2

43 Part 2 – ArtThomason from art thomason on Vimeo.

Art Thomason is what I like to call a flatland lifer, I feel like he will be riding forever. And at the age of 43, Art is still progressing and just dropped this “43- Part 2 edit”. Especially liked the Cliff peg boomerang cliff line at 00:57 mark, go watch this! Hell yeah Art!

5 thoughts on “Art Thomason – 43 Part 2

  1. I had NO IDEA what was gonna happen during EVERY second of that RIDICULOUSLY next level cliff hanger link !!! I was literally at the EDGE of my chair , ADD to it all the new BACK wheel lines , with those NEW moves that he JUST learned……………………….NOW thrown in combos , HOW / WHENEVER he wants…………….I watched this edit MULTIPLE times during the day AND night !! Art NEVER disappoints OR ……..STOP learning / progressing !!! SUPER ammmmmmmmmped on THIS !!

  2. LOVE the new edit so much new stuff Art! diggin that first back wheel combo with the new pivot, then that never-ending front wheel combo! I like how you’re applying the switchfoot concept on the back wheel for your 3rd combo, and damn that step over on the 4th combo on the back wheel was legit! haven’t seen you do that ever. Mad props on the progression Art, always an inspiration!!!!!!!!

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