2 thoughts on “Art Thomason – 5 Days Extended / 25yr Countdown

  1. LOVING THIS !!! Ive been craving some new Art footage , hes so tech with his brakeless flow !!! Like that PEDAL five drop to fire haul/ switch to cross left inside seatless steam , even NAILS the brakeless smith to end , even how he cross left seatless steams again from the fire haul , crosses over to X HIKER /juggles to switch hand steam , up to PEDAL steam / half bar flap jacks DIRECTLY to leg over slip to crack !!!! THINGS like this is why I voted his last edit , EDIT OF THE YEAR !!!!!

  2. Always pumped to hear from Rodney! He notices details that many riders miss. Got me motivated to start working on trucks for my next edit. Thanks Rodney!!

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