Art Thomason – Hoffman Bikes Big Daddy

Art Thomason – Big Daddy edit from art thomason on Vimeo.

The weekend is almost here, looking for some motivation for your weekend sessions? Art Thomason fresh off his Space Brothers podcast just set up the new Hoffman Bikes Big Daddy prototype to test and had this say.
“They did a great job capturing the old school look, but making sure it rides like a 2019 frame.” Peep the edit to see Art on board this remake of a BMX classic!

5 thoughts on “Art Thomason – Hoffman Bikes Big Daddy

  1. Art rips ! Stoked to see this last night . That long cliffhanger boomerang combo SLAAAAAMMMMS so hard , as well as the no handed/ double foot , multiple death truck combo . Whenever Art drops an edit …… just know youre getting some of his fresh / new tricks , variations all flowed into some banging links on BOTH wheels . Love the switch hand rope spin , mid -line also ! Ive been riding the same 1997 Hoffman E.P. frame since September 10 1997……….this Big Daddy frame sparks my interest of maybe switching ! Hoffman makes damn good bikes , SALUD ,Art / Hoffman bike company …….and yeah…..agreed with Sakis …smooth AND tech is Arts riding !

    • 97 EP!? Word! Old Eps, Sabbaths, Taos are totally bomb proof frames. I’m fairly certain they can used as attachments for heavy equipment to pull out large stumps and demolish buildings.

  2. Hahahaha , youre correct BZ ! Theyre some SUPER burly frames ,hahaha….so burly that I remember an old photo in Ride Bmx magazine , the U.S. edition , had a photo of I think Simon Tabron riding during pro vert practice , before prelims . The legend Eduarro Torerros , from Spain , the rider who bmx media referred to as the Spanish FLY …because he would drop in during his vert runs and hit 11 foot of air…. on his THIRD wall !!! He was actually in the photo waiting to get a practice run in…….back then he rode for Hoffman bikes also , and was riding a white Hoffman E.P. frame !!! The only way I could tell that’s what he was riding was , the COASTER BRAKE sleeve on the bottom of the seat stay !! THAT right there……the fact that Eduarro was riding an E.P. on vert…….doing 11 foot airs , well………that right there proves its burliness , hahaha. Eduarro and Art RULE bmx !!!!!

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