6 thoughts on “At Home With Amos Burke

  1. Nice guy ,Dan Price ain't changed haha Hastings has tho bit of a chav / immigrant hangout nowadays ,changed since the Backyard days loved the old vid clips Amos still shines on the riding tip flat or street love that cat.

  2. One of the most rad riders hailing from the U.K. , to push flatland AND street , park riding ! I STILL watch his video part from the classic Shutdown bmx video from 1998 , by Ells Bells . Amos is a bmx lifer !

  3. Love that steam pivot to Cobain roll , kickless style , @ 6.41 minutes in the edit , followed by a smoooooth line….. a hiker , juggle to switch hand steam , passed to bar small Karl . Rad riding , Amos .

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