Austin Luberda – Current

You might argue the biggest success story of the AFA coming back, is the platform it has given for Austin Luberda to grow. This guys progression and flow over the last few years is incredible, his multiple scuffless dump truck body varials are butter like. And the “My Bloody Valentine” fits his riding style really well, hell yeah Austin! Stickied for the day, go watch this!

11 thoughts on “Austin Luberda – Current

  1. Amazing. I think it was a couple years ago when I first saw a clip of Austin and was really impressed with his riding – but this is beyond bonkers. He’s gotten SO good. That first clip I saw of him made me want to ride my bike and this makes me want to ride 1000 times more!

  2. Im going to have to watch for about the 6th time now so i can understand all of this….hahha Great Riding.. Thrilled to see younger Generation out there busting out!!!!

  3. That was awesome!

    He should do MOC. I feel like it would push him. I thinking he could break through like Sietse. He’s good!

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