Autum Bicycles – 2013 Brand of the Year / The Flatmatters Online Awards Interview

Interview: Effraim
Photos: Autum Bicycles.

Matti Röse The LASH AUTUMBIKES from Waldemar Fatkin on Vimeo.

Yesterday we dropped the first of our award interviews with Thomas Noyer who won the editorial vote edit of the year and breakthrough rider of the year! Today is the turn of Brand of the Year, which you the readers voted for Autum Bicycles. I caught up with Matti Rose to talk about the background of the brand, winning the award, organising the flatland contest at the worlds, and generally giving a lot back to flatland. Read on!

Lets begin, Autum voted Brand of the year! Congratulations guys, for the record who is running things at Autum? How many people do you have working for you?
First of all thanks a lot for voting us brand of the year – thats a good feedback for all the hard work we put into it! AUTUM is based in Berlin and Thomas Hirsch and me are running things mostly on our own. We are both involved around 20 years in BMX and especially Flatland. Besides that we got some help of a few freelancers who now and then help us with graphic stuff, filming, fotos, website shizzle and of course taxesss…

Of all the brands out there in flatland, you tie everything together really well with website branding, style, quality edits, and so on. What were your personal highlights in 2013?
Thanks for the props Effraim – keeping everything smooth & connected is one of our main goals for the brand. There are a few personal highlights, but one highlight was and is the development of the brand in general with a dope product portfolio, nice edits, new riders and good feedback from the scene for our last years work (which means also getting the Flatmatters brand of the year award was a highlight)! We are trying to push BMX with the help of a good team and try to realize products which fit the standards of modern BMX Flatland & Street riding and it looks like the riders like it! Besides that another highlight to me was seeing our FLAT/STREET products copied by Wethepeople – no hard feelings Harry ; )

And above all that you stepped up and took charge of the flatland organisation of the Worlds Championships in Koln, Germany. Is there any news on the Worlds this year?
Yes, with deepBMX we are trying to push BMX Flatland in general with doing shows, workshops and also contest organizations like we use to do at the Worlds. Until now we have no news. But next week we will have a meeting in Cologne with the main organizer and I guess after that we will have some news concerning the worlds/masters. I hope we get to continue the good work with establishing Flatland on the contest…

I know you can’t give to much away, but will there be new Autum products in 2014?
Yes, there will be new AUTUM products in 2014 ; )

Thomas Hirsch – BMX – Bohlenplatz – Eisbär from deepAutum on Vimeo.

If riders want to get hold of Autum product where can they get your product from?
In general you can find your nearest dealer through our dealers list on our website:

Any final thank yous?
First of all a BIG thank you to our customers,dealers and distributors who believe in our good products!
Thanks to the whole team – you guys rule!
Hope to roll,spin and switch with you guys more this year…
Jäzzo for top notch consulting and EVERYTHING.
All the helping hands who push our brand and Club Mate for keeping me awake!

Thanks for your time Matti! Congratulations once again!

4 thoughts on “Autum Bicycles – 2013 Brand of the Year / The Flatmatters Online Awards Interview

  1. I never usually comment on the site, I feel a lil’ out of my depth, but feel
    had to say a lil’ something! Amazing coverage Effraim! I really have no idea how you do it! I can’t imagine the flatland world without your input, I feel we take it for granted. I know I am guilty of this sometimes. I just wanted to acknowledge, great interview with the Autum guys! Please keep it up! All the best, Lex.

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