8 thoughts on “Autum Bicycles Product Range – Flat Street Whatever

  1. I would like to see Waldemar Fatkin tights his rear wheel with that half plastic tool before to do all his fat 360, whoppers and some backwheel tricks. After a test session like that I would be more confident on the use of a socket seatpost for a flatland bike or a flat-street-whatever-bike

  2. We do the seatpost together with KIS and we are only company who offer long version. It is not a “half plastic” tool. You can tight your wheels absolutely in the right way. So nice! Even Waldemar will have no problem. Additionally he has no problem because our frames have integrated chain tensioners.
    Seatpost is perfect for travelling. You’ll love it!

  3. Hey Mr Hirsch!
    It appears that the complete tool is half plastic coz the pivotal seat is made of plastic, isn’t?
    I don’t understand in your comment if Waldemar usES or usED it or not before riding and making fat tricks. Did he ever give real feedback on it? not assumptions
    Glad you step in here but you have to understand that it’s good to prove the reliability of that seat post. For travel it could be very convenient I guess but you’re not even saying that in your catalog.
    But you talk about reliability in the page 3 about the Autum product but that’s not the case, sorry. Autum frames have nothing more to offer than the other brands on that topic ; I saw and know of Autum frames breaking after few month of riding

  4. Hello really,

    for the seatpost, just try it. It works with every saddle.
    We tested it for a very long time. Hell yeah… it works so well!
    Our frames get always improved and we offer one year warranty. If someone have a problem we are always eager to help and we do. Just contact us.
    We see and know a lot of people ride our frames for a very very long time.
    That’s our goal and we put a lot of passion to detail every time we do some new products. To get the best.
    Thank’s for your feedback.

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