Autum Mixtape – Flat.Street.Whatever

FLAT.STREET.WHATEVER – AUTUM MIXTAPE 2014 from deepAutum on Vimeo.

If you watch one edit today it’s definitely this new Autum Mixtape featuring the whole team in full effect, Autum boasts one of the best teams in the game! Featuring the likes of Ivan Makushev, Ludwig Luzifer Schimmel, Keiji “Tamao” Nakamura, Thomas Deschenaux, Waldemar Fatkin, Oscar Martens, Charles Paty, Marcel Gans, Camilo Gutierrez, Tom Behrendt, Tomokazu “Mo-Rich” Morinaga, & Dominik Nekolny, the whole team bring a good mix of styles that make this a great watch!

6 thoughts on “Autum Mixtape – Flat.Street.Whatever

  1. oh yes, that’s what it’s all about! great riding and great atmosphere of the video. and one thing i always love about the autum edits is their excellent choice of music. there is nothing like good old hiphop-beats for a bmx-flic (just my opinion). thanx autum, you made my day!

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