Back on the Voodoo battles, Viki Gomez vs York Uno

We are just recovering from Waldemar’s bomb promo video, Gomez vs Uno… Enjoy flatland!!

Voodoo Pro Battle 5 Vikki Gomez vs. York Uno from T/n/m/ Group on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Back on the Voodoo battles, Viki Gomez vs York Uno

  1. Nice stuff Scott o'Brien makes a good Mike Chanter but does he know any trick names ? as it's all yep yep ,spinning,pump it etc in his vocabulary very encouraging but in a way can be off putting , Mc's were originally used in Dancehall reggae battles 30 years ago with more effect in a bmx flatland battle to me it's a bit over the top or am i alone here ? ha ha.

  2. I don't know for sure but I would say that the majority of the crowd at voodoo are not flatlanders, so Scott is hyping up the crowd that are not into it, trying to branch out and reach a bigger audience…

  3. Well thats cool then as it's reaching out to a different audience gives them something to get into it certainly would be bland if Scott wasn't there for sure , if a rider is having a bad run i guess it would be of some encouragement.

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