Bakers Dozen: Matthias Dandois

After last weeks teaser a lot of people have been waiting to see Matthias’ Bakers Dozen part. As you would expect, Matthias kills it on the front wheel tech, standouts for me: half-cab hang up to nose wheelie, feeble to nose manual 3 out and seeing him grind a rail! Head over to the insidethebakery website to watch this one!

2 thoughts on “Bakers Dozen: Matthias Dandois

  1. I recently had the opportunity to meet him at the TENDER TRAP, Darryl Nau’s awesome bar in brooklyn which should be a MUST stop for adult beverages for anyone who happens to find themselves in the area. In our short conversation I mentioned that I have always thought of him and Florent Soulas as BMX’s versions of Rodney Mullen. I think that, as he spends more time riding both street and flat, he will get smoother at each. I LOVED this edit and all of the street flat stuff that has been happening as of late.I Think it just makes for a much larger canvas that can accommodate additional creativity. Well done Mattias!!!! This is truly an inspiring edit!

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