Balázs Császár- Pinky Squeak Contest entry

Haven’t seen to many entries for the pinky squeak contest, this is some what puzzling me, as these are fire hydrant whips, crazy to do 99! but however not a pinky, i’m confused… New leader??

7 thoughts on “Balázs Császár- Pinky Squeak Contest entry

    • Doesn’t make any sense. A pinky squeak, and a fire hydrant whip (as you see in this post) are two different tricks, its like having multiple decade contest, and someone doing multiple apprecrates, to make this clear im not dissing Balazas at all, just a different trick to what it says.
      Why was your entry disqualified jt?

  1. because i didn’t say “golly jeepers today is sept 24th” on film. after i read the ‘rules’ later that evening i took a photo of my camera screen from when i did 50 and attached it so you could see the date, but alas the dad who is rad wouldn’t accept that

  2. Fire Hydrant whips (multiple fire hydrants) are with the bike stationary (brake on ) or so i thought ,well i’m confused as you guys ,sick riding though 🙂

  3. Effraim, Rad Dad wanted to do the original Pinky’s only, but there was a huge backlash…and so he now has three categories. Original Pinky’s, brakeless Firewhips, and Firewhips. He also told me last Saturday that NOT A SINGLE PERSON has submitted a video with original Pinky’s. Lot’s of cash up for grabs…and no one is biting. Gary Pollack himself donated $147. Maybe he should just throw down a few and re-claim that money…

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