Barceleona Extreme Results

Looks like a great weekend in Barcelona, the floor looked half decent as well!! Decent turnout of pros, making this look like a contest to attend in the future? And also Nathan Penonzek riding!!!!

1-Matthias Dandois
2-Viki Gomez
3-Kotaro Tanaka
4-Martti Kuoppa
5-Nathan Penonzek
7-Alex Jumelin
8-Raphael Chiquet

5 thoughts on “Barceleona Extreme Results

  1. From pics seen on global flat, he looks like hes mostly on front wheel again, and also riding for kgb??

  2. nathan on his blue quamen doing endless frontwheel switches around 2001, urban games, koc, sticks in my mind as my favorite period of his riding

  3. Yes Lee, that KOC Nathan rocked the house, his front wheel stuff flowed so well, unbelieveable run, also his riding on Flatsphere was epic as well!

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