Batland Flatland teaser edit

No idea about the name, what I do kno, some dope footage of my good buddy, ex Hutch team mate, John Yull tearing it up and taking it as well at the infamous Austin OG parking lot! Look for full edit soon! Looking forward to this!

5 thoughts on “Batland Flatland teaser edit

  1. Austin is known for its Bats. People will gather at the Congress bridge at dusk to watch the bats fly by. Its very impressive. There used to be a hockey team called the ICE BATS here in town. There is a big statue of a Bat down town as well. We are defintaly bat country. Thanks for posting! Sickwick is working hard and doing great thing!

  2. thanks for posting Effraim. Chadwick had the idea of making the trailers from crash footage and I’m really good at crashing so expect plenty more 🙂 I have been really pushing myself for this one I haven’t been in a video since 1992. The video will feature all the OG riders…

  3. Funny i just did that no brakes footjam tailwhip to decade the other day. But i did normal decade you were doing opposite.

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