Battle in Gallery weekend

Phil Dolan- G turn Nosewheelie.

The legend that is James White.

Cunners was busting this weekend, much improved, stick at it mate!

Yo! Just back from the Battle in the Gallery weekend!!
Battle in the gallery sadly turned out to be a “non event”, the spot wasn’t suitable to hold a contest (it would have worked better as a show as it did on the Saturday night party), almost all the riders that turned up (the majority being foreign) headed to the Green Mile, riders such as Frank Lucas, Matti Rose, Flo Sailor, Daniel Fuhrmann, Shane Badman, Dominik Nekolny + Martin Drazil, (didn’t show Sunday at the green mile), plus many more sessioned hard all day on the Sunday in the spring sunshine. It says a lot also that they were more foreigners at the mile than UK riders, bizarre weekend! Mario filmed most of the riders, so expect something up online sometime soon. Enjoy the pics…

Pics/text by EC.

2 thoughts on “Battle in Gallery weekend

  1. no worries cunners, good riding with you this weekend!!! keep up the progression!! lost track on how many links you landed this weekend, good stuff!

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