Battle in the Rockies – Day 1


Yesterday I made the long trip out to the annual Battle in the Rockies contest this year being held in James Mcgraw’s hometown in beautiful Monument, Colorado. After a pretty smooth flight out to Denver, I was greeted by James telling me to held it right there, he wanted a photo of me above the immigration sign. It was a welcome sight after a long day travelling to already by greeted by a joking, hyperactive McGraw. Somethings never change, and perhaps they shouldn’t.



The trip from Denver to Colorado Springs is around an hour, I wanted to get a taste of America right away so we headed to what James called Donald Trump’s favourite restaurant “Five Guys”, and discussed the week ahead. Unlike previous years I have been here, there is no snow at the moment, and it’s 70 degrees, blue skies with amazing views of the rockies all around.


After dropping bags and stuff, we headed to James’ work aka the Tintadome where he also rides after opening hours. James got a session in, it was awesome to see what James is working on outside of his contest runs. I built my bike whilst we also waited for Bill Nitschke to arrive who funnily enough left at the exact same time of me 12:30 UK time, 8:30 his time, making the 1000 mile drive from Indianpolis. Pure beast mode!

I was lagging by the time Bill arrived, we grabbed a few beers and called it a night.

Stay tuned for updates daily.


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