Battle in the Rockies – Day 5

Day 5 is already upon us, Friday was a goooddddd day! We all met up at the Tintadome before heading down to the Expo Center, the first person I was greeted by was old school legend, Dave Nourie! Great to see him again, plenty of other riders started arriving, everyone was excited to get a ride in at the contest venue.



I headed over to the local hardware store with Todd Carter to get some new chain tensioners, don’t ask me how you break a regular chain tensioners? Because I didn’t know the size of the internal chain tensioners, we took the bike into the hardware store. I didn’t think we would be allowed but it worked out fine. To my relief, the guy in the store was really helpful, and we were able to sort the problem out.I couldn’t wait to ride, thanks again Todd Carter for helping out so. We grabbed some breakfast as we knew it would be a busy day ahead!


When we returned to the TD, Will Redd showed up and brought an amazing best trick trophy that he made, see the photo!


James had talked about a rider called Bobby Burge, I wasn’t sure who that was. But right away at the Tintadome I knew who it was. Riding the highest seat post I have seen, Matti you lose the crown! And I could see why it was so high, he was pulling two footed backyards in a really tight area whilst James’ workforce worked on Tinting cars. More and more riders start arriving as we arranged to head down to the Expo Center at 3pm including Dub.




We packed the bikes up into all the cars, and convoyed down to the site.Upon arrival at the Expo Center, it was straight down to business for me. So excited to ride the huge flatland area, huge area and nice and smooth. I rode from a round 4pm till 10, it was a great session! I learnt my first new trick after coming back from injury and a great session on backwards backpackers utilising the huge area, it was great to see all the riders tearing up. Mike S, Moto, Dub, Bobby Burge, Art Thomason, Dax Wolford, Todd Carter, Will Redd, Nikola Olic, James McGraw, Bryan Huffman (who was rocking the blindest bike I have ever seen, not to mention the shoes!), Tyler Gilliard and many more.




We left the spot at around 10:30 and headed back to the Tintadome to finish up the year end trophies, judges sheets, and all the kind of things that go on behind the scenes when organising an event. And finished the day at the house catching up, roll on saturday and contest day!





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