Battle in the Rockies Pro/AM Video Contest Announced!


Battle in the Rockies 2015 is going to be off the chart! Once again we are back with the unique opportunity to win a free flight to the BITR contest on November 6-8th in Denver, Colorado!

This year we are switching it up a bit, and adding an AM class into the video contest, as well as Pro Class, with one spot available in each class!

AM Judging criteria plus format:

1 x 1 minute run unedited, no music.

Degree of Difficulty
Variety of tricks executed.

AM’s Please note: If you bringing all of the above, plus originality we may bump you up into the Pro class!

Pro Judging criteria + format:

1 x 2 minute run. (no editing- no music)

Degree of Difficulty
Aesthetics (Lot of details in flatland as you know, we will be looking at set up time between tricks, repetition, excessive scuffing, pumping, dead time in tricks and so on)

Please note: Bring a surprise element (we would like to be surprised – like whoa rewind that!). This is a video contest and should be treated as such, show something you wouldn’t go for in a contest. We are not looking for your contest run, we want to see something we haven’t seen you do before as well as you can perform it – take a million tries if you like to get the best you can do in time period, this is not a regular contest.

Video contest open to everyone!

Deadline for entries: September 15th.

Good luck to everyone!

4 thoughts on “Battle in the Rockies Pro/AM Video Contest Announced!

  1. “Aesthetics (Lot of details in flatland as you know, we will be looking at set up time between tricks, repetition, excessive scuffing, pumping, dead time in tricks and so on)”

    Bad idea depending on the judges.

  2. Dear Brian Tunney,

    I know this is a bit after the fact, but it seems more and more people are picking up on it so I should let you know. I received a message about it from Alan Young tonight while we were discussing the state of shambles the AmFlatCircuit is in. Anyway, I’ll explain:

    A while ago you did an interview with Bo Wade about the current state of contests and judging in North America. Seeing as I’m rather, for lack of a better word, opinionated about those kinds of things Bo came to me for a consult on what he could possibly say. He sent me the questions that were asked, and what he had written for his answers. He sounded like an enraged idiot without any sense of the weight this kind of interview might carry, so I wrote a whole lot back and jotted down some ideas for how he could change his tone and improve how he came off during the interview. He sent back another draft a day or so later, and asked me to go over it again. I did, and we had a brief exchange where I sent off a few ideas again, and he said thanks and off he went. He would later completely ignore any and all emails from me when I asked for some contact information at Odyssey, and told me to basically piss off and not bother him about it again.

    A few days later the interview popped up on the flatmatters feed that Effraim puts out, and I read it and was astonished and insulted. He wasn’t interviewed. I was. He stole every word that I had sent him and plagiarized a great deal of what I had written to him in private and passed it off as his own. In the end you did ask the questions of Bo, but a very large portion of what ended up being published under the guise of an Odyssey flow rider were not his words or ideas, they were mine.

    When he came to me he sounded like a complete buffoon and I did my best to polish up what he came up with in the beginning of the process. I guess I had hoped he would use whatever I wrote him as a springboard for his own ideas, and it didn’t even cross my mind that he would outright steal what I had written. I’m not sure anything will come of this, but I hope in the future you will not approach Bo about any matter of opinion, because chances are none of the opinions he shares with you and ESPN were his to begin with.

    If you are interested in the emails and the writing that was passed back and forth between the two of us so you can see for yourself what was used out of what I wrote him I would be happy to provide it. I just don’t want someone who will use their very fortunate position of being interviewed by you at ESPN, which is about as credible as it gets in terms of sports journalism, to spout off other peoples thoughts and opinions and try to pass them off as their own, especially when that person gets handouts from companies all up and down the west coast in the process while those he steals from get nothing in return.

    TJ Perry

    And my reply: You sound like George Costanza wanting credit for buying the big salad.

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