Battle in the Rockies Video Invitational Rider List Announced!

The Battle in the Rockies video contest is a chance for 2 international riders to win free airfare to the Battle in the Rockies contest being held in Colorado Springs Co, USA, Nov 15-16.

As always it is super difficult to pick a list that will make everyone happy, we tried to go for a list of riders that have put together great video parts within the last year or two. Or that also have brought a progressive style to the contest scene and placed well when they have entered in the last few years. We hope this makes this video contest, a tough contest to win the flights.

The rules are very simple each rider has one month to make a 1 minute video that is unedited. The goal is to have an epic link or set of tricks hit back to back. We want to hear the natural sounds of riding and the thrill of hitting your goal, so we ask no music either. The rules will be strict, you have only 1 minute, any videos over a minute will not be used. There is no penalty for being under, but no one can go over. all videos will be posted on the battle in the rockies page, web site and Flatmatters Online. On Sept 10 2014 all videos will be put together and judged. Judging will be handled by James McGraw and Effraim Catlow there will also be a online vote that will allow everyone a chance to cast a vote for who they think was the best. All votes will be considered and counted. The top two videos will win free air fare to the Battle in the Rockies.

We are happy to announce that the Battle in the Rockies is flying the current world champion Dominik Nekolny in to compete in the Battle in the Rockies.

Riders invited to the 1 minute Video Contest for a Free flight to the Battle of Rockies are:

Alexis Desolneux,
Shintaro Misawa,
Pete Olsen,
Sam Foakes,
James White,
Viki Gomez,
Yohei Uchino,
Adam Kun,
Dez Maarsen,
Mateus Beckmann,
Sebastian Grubinger,
Jean William “Dub” Prevost,
Akihiko Takahashi
Alberto Moya,
Thomas Noyer,
Matthieu Bonnecuelle,
Moto Sasaki,
Hiroya Morizaki.

Please submit video entries to: (Deadline September 10th).

24 thoughts on “Battle in the Rockies Video Invitational Rider List Announced!

    • James as it’s his contest, and I helped with a few. Like we said in press release it is tough to pick an 18 rider list without leaving someone out. It is almost thankless task…

  1. When I first looked at the list I was bit a confused. Some obvious names are missing but having thought about it a bit more I agree with Effraim.
    If you took every flatlander in the world and asked them to choose 18 riders there’s a good chance you wouldn’t get two lists exactly the same.
    Interesting concept, cant wait to see the clips.

    • James is talking about adding a mystery pro rider, stay tuned! Yes Pete is difficult process, whoever you pick it’ll be like, but what about this dude, this dude…..

  2. There is seriously no way to pick everyone and I’m sorry to anyone that takes offense to the the list. But we do have a solution we will have a mystery pro that will be added to the list. It works like this if you are an international pro rider (not American) make a video following the rules and submit it to battle in the Rockies Facebook message page. We will pick two more riders to be put in for final judgeing on sept 10. This will be 20 riders that will be voted on by the public and ultimately have a chance to still win free airfare.

  3. This is such a cool and unique thing to do. Props to James and the Reklamation Bikes guys for going through with this. The last 2 events of this year’s AMFLT Circuit are turning out to be crazy. Real City Spin (hosted by Dub) and Battle In The Rockies (by James McGraw)

    Add in the events that have already taken place in North America and what a great year for flatland here!

  4. Thanks for the opportunity!

    But some of the riders in the list have great sponsors who can pay for them, in place of one of these guys could have the name of Owen Bohn that has no major sponsor.

  5. Pete Brandt kicks MAJOR a.. / always good to see such legend in action ! riders flying international ? Williams Perez from Peru ? Pola & Owen from Argentina ?? why just one South American rider ?

  6. some of these guys have major sponsors and pretty much fly to every contest anyways. Of course this list will never be perfect, its just a random observation 🙂 all is appreciated nonetheless.

  7. Once again to be clear this contest is for riders not living in the USA the goal is to bring more riders from overseas. Because of how hard it is to pick riders we have 20 spots 18 riders are listed. We have the mystery pro submissions for any pro Not living in America. You can still submit a video to battle in the Rockies Facebook page in a message we will choose 2 more riders from these submissions to complete the 20 riders for final judging.

  8. This is from riders to riders. There are many riders worldwide and we all know it is tough to establish anything now a days. So lets support this event and ride for it!

    Bring it on!!!!

  9. can’t wait to see the footage/results, stuff like this keeps it fresh, i’d hate to have to pick the riders as you cant please everyone all of the time. all the best guys!

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