Ben Querubin – 5 year retrospective pegless flatland

Ben Querubin out of Los Angeles, California just celebrated 5 years behind bars, hgere’s what Ben had to say about his retrospective edit:

“Kept this retrospective mostly flatland not much street.
Started flatland 8 years ago when I was 36. Took the pegs off at 3 years because of a skateboarding injury and couldn’t stand on a peg. But I could stand on the pedals and wanted to continue to ride. 44 years old and 5 years riding pegless. You can teach an old dog new tricks apparently. Thanks to Bill Freeman for direction and Chad Johnston for the pegless motivation and having the best stuff available to ride. Thanks to my kids Chloe and Gage for filming!”

4 thoughts on “Ben Querubin – 5 year retrospective pegless flatland

  1. Feeling this video… never get tired of how far pegless riders push things! I recently decided to switch back to 2-inch and 1.75-inch pegs on my bikes after running 1.5’s for the last 6-7 years due to really bad plantar fasciitis issues, and the stability during tricks and comfort is insanely better. Honestly, I feel like I wasted major progression time running 1.5’s, which in hindsight was due mostly to stupidly following trends. Done with all that now. =)

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