Benjamin Hudson – Flatland Immersion Podcast

Benjamin Hudson and Dusty Tweedhope get together for the last Flatland Immersion Podcast of the year. They talk Flatland, growing up in Santiago, discussing the current state of his country, travelling, psychedelics, Percy Marshall..
“We also got into a great conversation about art, one of the funnest topics Ive gotten into on the podcast aside from riding. Ben and I both share a deep appreciation for art..and watch it unfold into one of the most random moments of coincidence on my podcast..Coincidence? Parallel universes colliding? You be the judge.”

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4 thoughts on “Benjamin Hudson – Flatland Immersion Podcast

  1. Had just gotten outta my taxi , to my hotel room , directly after getting off my flight to the 2017 Flatland Voodoo Jam , in New Orleans . Ive been to 3 of em ! Thanks , Scott Obrien ! Anyway….. I get COMPLETLY lost pedaling , like through the hood , haha , a ward like area , Im talking like , COMPLETLY lost , haha………EVERY project building , street , EVERYTHING seemed to look the same . I was basically pedaling my bike …..AND heavy ass back pack ,with ALL my stuff in it , in circles for like 40 minutes , haha. I was looking for the pre-jam spot , being very late getting to New Orleans , cause my dumb ass flew in about 13 hours late , haha ! Im pedaling around seeing, saying hi to people on their porch like steps , taking in the sights . I wasn’t stressing , I just figured , hmmmm…I guess I will find the pre-jam spot eventually………THEN who randomly pedals up right behind me , ALSO on their way to the pre-jam riding spot / session…….Gonzallo Belliante …..and THIS cat , right here…..Benjamin Hudson ! The three of us met , chatted , and had a dope conversation pedaling , then finally finding the spot ! We all had a really rad time , all of us , riding in a jam circle , taking turns , exchanging combos on our bikes , pushing/ cheering each other on while Benjamin Zaragosa was ripping links on his bike as well AND filming some absolute BANGING lines that Hudson was just SLLLAAAAAAMMMMMING DOWN , like back to back !!!! Benjamin Hudson basically SHUT DOWN the entire pre-jam session in 2017, with his fresh , heated , original links ……he was just knocking out ALL his sh-t , as if it were the actual FINALS of the Flatland Voodoo Jam …….THAT day , haha. Guess what ?! He did just THAT again the next day , just THREW DOWN during prelims , and of course during the pressure cooking FINALS ! I personally had him poised to WIN the finals , just cause of the difficulty , originality , and ..bruuuuuuuuv……his FLOW during his links ! Like NO other in the friggin game , I tell ya ! He goes through things like his signature X-leg side packer pivot / whip to cross forward pumping fire haul , turbine ,switching feet , to turbine whiplash , things like THAT crazy teched out transition , he just FLOOOOOOOWWWW through stuff like THAT with so much grace / style ……you almost FORGET just how HARD the stuff hes doing in a link really is…… youre watching him go through a link , in real time ! Hahaha, but THATS the thing that , to me , makes him an ELITE rider of the ever progressing , relentless wave of riding in flatland bmx ! I love what hes brought to the table in this sport , hell , bruv……Im STILL watching his battle between him and Salvador , in that HEATED bmx event in Chile , back in , I think 2015 ? As Effraim ALWAYS say…….NO ONE moves around the bike like Hudson ! I agree , TIMES 7 . ANOTHER aggro pick for an interview , Dusty ! Props , amigo ! Oh ,yeah , Dusty ….I haven’t forgot about that Masato Ito footage , we chatted about from THIS years Flatland Voodoo Jam ! I will upload , tag ya , campeon ! Hudson is a cool cat , as well , friendly guy . I ll just quote Art Thomason , while we both watched Hudsons runs during the FINAL @ 2017 Flatland Voodoo Jam ….Art nodded , pointed @ Benjamin , upon him nailing his second combo , involving a Cobain roll , frame whip / pivot , ALL THE WAY AROUND , passed to a cross fire haul , MID-LINE ……..Art nooded to me , pointed @ Hudson , and said……..NOW THATS THE SH-T , RIGHT THERE , THAT TYPE OF RIDING ! I agree FULLY…………….

  2. Im half way through this ! Such a RAD interview . Gracias AGAIN , Dusty ………..and by the way , Dusty ……..upon seeing some of YOUR OWN combos recently on F.B. , YOU rip as well , on a bike , campeon ! You SHOULD upload / share a lot more of YOUR riding , man………..some REALLY sweet turbine , whiplash , switch hand steam , Dave dusted , Karl type , flowing links , Jefe ! I was really impressed ! Ive been riding bmx , since the Radical Rick and M.X. Mug comics section, in the back of Bmx Plus magazine , haha……ummmm, ask one of your OLD riding amigos ,about THAT , hahaha…….and I can honestly say …..for the SHORT amount of time that you’ve been riding flatland bmx , Dusty ……….youre VERY skilled , bruva ! I CANT do NONE of your stuff , haha, and that’s WITH me having been riding bmx MANY ,MANY moons , haha. RESPECT , Dusty !

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