Benjamin Hudson wins OctoBiker Fest

Congratulations to Benjamin Hudson who won the OctoBiker Fest contest in Trois-Rivières, Canada this past weekend followed on the podium by Bruno Zebu from Brazil, and third place went to Austin Luberda.


1 – Benjamin Hudson
2 – Bruno Zebu
3 – Austin Luberda
4 – JF Boulianne
5 – Dan Hennig
6 – Jeff Desroche
7 – Steve Bergeron
8 – Etienne Giraud
9 – Barre Neirynck
10 – Lachlan Cameron
11 – Mannie Nogueira
12 – Juan Camilo Niebles
13 – Stephan Clark

The AM class was won by Étienne Bergeron, followed by Angel Conteras and Joey Kyllo. Congratulations Étienne, Angel and Joey.. Full results below…


1. Étienne Bergeron
2. Angel Contreras
3. Joey Kyllo
4. Arturo Contreras Alegria
5. Daniel Rodriguez
6. Adrian Furniss
7. Bertrand Williams
8. Paul Igwe aka. Tall Paul
9. Francois Debroux Fan Debroux
10. Mark McGrade
11. Gauthier Saint
12. Pml La Pinoski Montagne
13. Stéphane Bar
14. Paula Marie
15. Tommi Turcotte

Best trick.

Jeff Desroche, winner of best trick! So good to have Jeff back on the contest scene.

Game of LAND.

I have been covering Bruno Zebu’s riding here on Flatmattersonline for as long as I can remember, stoked to see him take second place at the Octobiker Fest and win the Land Game. Yes Bruno! The videos from this event are going to be good, looking forward to it!

3 thoughts on “Benjamin Hudson wins OctoBiker Fest

  1. Stephane , Kyllo , Bertrand , Desroche , Hudson …….SALLUUUUD ! Congrats to all the riders ! Like you , Effraim…….eager as , to see video from this event , with a roster like this…….its gonna be crazy good .

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