Benjamin Moran & Julian Harris riding the flatland

Paul Chamberlain sent in this one in and a pretty sick description, so lets run with it.

“Old footage of Jules Harris and Ben Moran. It’s from Ballarat. Ben doesn’t ride anymore, but he is without a doubt the most interesting and unpredictable Australian rider ever. He’s done so many original and strange tricks in his time. In the years that I’ve known him he never did anything on his bike that he’d seen somebody else do. riding with him changed me a lot and made me realise that it’s always possible to do something differently to the next person. I have hope that he’ll ride again, but he was so hardcore that I know he can’t ride like he did and have a normal life. His life is coming together now and I’m really happy for him. Never take things for granted and appreciate the people that love you. Take your missus out for dinner one night instead of stressing on your turbines. One love!”

5 thoughts on “Benjamin Moran & Julian Harris riding the flatland

  1. Jules is an amazing street rider. He’s out blazing big rails I guess. Not sure, haven’t heard much for a while. He’s pretty underground.

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