33 thoughts on “Bike Days Final Battle – Matthias Dandois vs Dominik Nekolny

  1. Dom has some HARD sh$t. Liked the new foot on bar hiker trick from M. This reminded me of some older contests where people would just go for it at the end.

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  3. WOW, I like see new tricks from Dom and old tricks from Matt, I love that old trick of taking the peg in the back.
    Very nice final.

  4. Great Vibe and sick looking contest.
    Both riders where killing it and having fun. New tricks from both thats always cool to see. But to do what they do time and time again in a contest setting is absolutely amazing. So much talent!

    For me Matthias won.

  5. That World have been very difficult to judge. Dominik started stronger, Matthias finished stronger. Please don’t forget that it’s always a little different when you are there and see it live.
    I’d be interested to know who judged this contest!

  6. Oh, by the way: that battle was too long! It’s okay to have a last trick, even after time if need be. But in this case it would just be so difficult for the judges to know what to score on. And the judges will always want to see what the riders are doing or trying, even way after time.
    Anyway, great riding by Matthias and Dominik!

  7. @mike s: the battle was over after matthias’ last run at 8:45 minutes (which is still long, i agree). the rest was only for the crowd. it was the last battle, so we had enough time 🙂 cheers, marco (speaker)

  8. TJ
    Im not gonna discuss a judgement I have on here. I respect yours for sure and I can see why you would go there but its just my judgement.
    Mike S said it well. Matthias turned it on and he does have some variety although i do not put much on that sometimes that can be a slight edge a riders needs to win.

  9. Also, you really have to be there. Its not the same to watch in person think about it then make a judgement. When you have seconds to put a score down its really difficult to judge.
    Sometimes we forget this about judging when we watch videos and can really have time to judge.

  10. Because Matthias can always have more attempts than other riders?
    He always riding nearly twice as long …

  11. Its funny like people always say: “Judging is sooooo difficult…” But most of the time its not. Matthias won for sure – I messed up – easy judging… But thanks a lot to everyone for feedbacks!

  12. Hell of a battle, like a battle should be, and DOM… Keep it up and you will DOMinate…. i know it!!! Look forward to July, see you all in Köln!

  13. Love Dom’s pressure flip and Matthias’ cliffbar grabbing the peg behind his back. WOAH!!! Amazing riding from both! Although charisma shouldn’t trump technicality and difficulty. It’s a flat comp, not a Julliard try out.

  14. BOOOMMMM its like the year 2006 style battles!!! pure hardsh!t is dropping!!!! both riders were all good. crazy to see that DOM is still busting hard tricks all the time! and Matthias also gets his flatland moves on fire!!!! very happy and having a goosebumps to see this kind of battle!.. for sure this will be on my repeat list. hehehe

  15. diversity is what makes flatland so interesting. Judging diversity is what makes flatland boring . Dom and Matthias are equally good to me, and yet so different 😉

  16. Dom!
    As usual you are pretty hard on yourself. You messed up some links at the end when it looked like there was no need to do so. But Matthias wasn’t flawless either.
    Anyway, you are both winners in my book!

  17. Insane riding level from both. Awesome crowd and vibe. I love it how things are casual enough in flatland that Matthias and Dom could keep riding and have some fun with the crowd at the end. If the runs had been shorter Dom probably would have won, Matthias was able to take advantage of the longer time.

  18. To close this:
    I was one of the judges. Dom said it himself some posts earlier and we (4 judges – Martin Schulz from Global Flat, Adrian from Brakeless.ch, Danny Cavacchio) all had the same opinion. The last combo Dom could not finish was the point where Matthias claimed the battle for himself. I think this is pretty obvious, nevertheless it was a tight battle and I enjoyed every second of it.

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