Bill Neumann – Just Like Riding a Bike Part 2 & 3

Dialled, effortless, style! All things I think of when I watch Bill Neumann, like many of you that grew up riding in the same generation as me. It was pleasure to wake up the other day to a fresh Bill Neumann edit, well now there are another two more to get your teeth into!

4 thoughts on “Bill Neumann – Just Like Riding a Bike Part 2 & 3

  1. So AMMMMMMPED on all of these , been watching these for 3 days on and off ! Like Effraim , Neuman was / is a rider who I looked up to also back in the day , like 1988 ! The fact that hes BACK in his groove , DIALED / FLOWING his flavor just STOKES me ! CRAZY , I never even knew he had STOPPED riding . RAD , that hes back on ATTACK mode , EXCLUSIVE content …..INDEED , BIG -E !!

  2. Again, the guy is amazing. Honestly, it looks exactly the same as it did all those years ago…just natural & effortless. One of the all time greats and I’m glad he’s back in his natural habitat.

  3. Awesome vids. He was very talented back in the day. It would be a good experiment for Bill to take off those brakes for a few sessions to see the progression of modern riding.

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