Bill Nitschke and the Whopper!

“There’s a lot of great 1991 flatland in this clip, but I’m going to focus on Bill Nitschke pulling the first Whopper (bunnyhop tailwhip) in a contest at 5:00.”

The FreestyleBMX tales blog take you back to 1991, hit the link for the juice.

14 thoughts on “Bill Nitschke and the Whopper!

  1. Bill Nitschke is such a legend ! Pulse products, Standard, N-Orbit skt 8 park, dirt jumping at Mission trails & the WHOOPER ! the guy does it all….

  2. I don’t understand why everyone thinks Bill pulled the first one in the 90’s. I saw Bill pull these in the late 80’s, in Columbus, in contests.

  3. in the late 80’s or 91 …… is amazing in the same way ….today still it is considered by many a modern trick ….

  4. Dude! I think that was the first time someone did a crossfooted hitchhiker in a contest too… Crazy to think that Jesses been at such a high level so long. And crazy to see him scuff..

  5. The trick concept was summer of 89.
    Pulled it summer 1990 in the Burger King parking lot named “The Whopper”. Because of the names significance. We were right & it’s stood the test of time. I’m proud of that. Not many get the chance to make this kind of impact. My journey with freestyle is not over. Thanks everyone.

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