4 thoughts on “Bizhouse drop another exclusive!

  1. Nice addition Shawn! Blew up countess euro bbs on my WTP Div……simplifying problems on the bike gradually, makes total sense!

  2. Lockring is not included.
    What's Baleadis technology? You better believe that shit technology, play on words looks like….
    "I’ve been riding fer years now. I remember a kid at a contest made a device to stop his cranks from moving while he was doing tricks, he used a front chain derailer with a Skyway Tuff brake pad. Yep I said it, Skyway Tuff brake pad up against his sprocket on the inside. It inspired me to stop my pedals from moving while riding—major issue I think. So I took some material from the lab at Bizhouse and made a bearing-less Euro BB. When you pedal there is no drag, but when you spin the pedals don’t spin with you! It’s perfect; I set my pedals, and when I go to step on my pedal to pull a trick the pedal is there. Problem solved for me! I run PrimoPro Hollow Bite cranks with a Ti spindle. Thanks Fano and John Warren!”

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