Bizhouse Tall Stacker


Shawn White over at Bizhouse is always thinking of new products to keep us all rolling. Peep the new tall stackers, if you run a lot of stackers under your stem this going to be way neater option for you.

No word on release date, but I would imagine available pretty soon.

3 thoughts on “Bizhouse Tall Stacker

  1. If you made a shorter stack one with star big enough for a cable to pass through, I would grab one. It would be helpful for stem tricks and running front brakes. Unfortunately my forks aren’t tall enough to run this…but still a great idea

  2. Gotta measure the stack height on my brakeless bike to see if I’m over the 1.5″, and if so, I’m picking one of these up. Good, clean option to running a bunch of spacers.

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