14 thoughts on “BMX, BMX and more BMX!!!!

  1. Ian Bengochea rules the nose manuals forwards and backwards links in nicely with the street moves , and i see on some posts that street riders diss flat very narrow minded ,well watch this brothers and educate yourselves top top riding 🙂

  2. look at larry bull in the late 80’s/ 90 with his street flat moves. way ahead of his time with stuff some are only doing now. as for his shove its off curbs and ledges you still dont see anyone doing it. good to see that flat isn’t as dead as most perceive. seing great videos like bengo’s show the balance and technical side of street and you need to learn the basics on flat to get this stuff down.

  3. and as for mark webbs video. top stuff from one of the uk’s finest riders and good to see he keeps the decade in park/ramps alive and fresh in new air combos many other new tricks no one else has thought of. infact his entire video is almost all video ender tricks. crazy skills. top marks to the man.

  4. wonder if there’s any of those Beyond frames Larry designed in existance still ? refreshing to see flat/street tricks combined its a pity more bmx riders i meet are not aware of flatland ,we are the forgotten minority as DIG and Ride UK have proved.

  5. if kids who buy these publications never see flatland as the mags don’t cover it in their eyes it doesn’t exist ,guess they aren’t to know having said that the average 15 yr old rider won’t be riding at 43 they get bored easily

    • at least nowadays we have the internet, the japanese scene has existed for a long time without a major magazine, what drives the scene there, is regular events, whether jams, or contests, there is a lot going on! When i was growing up here in the UK, there were events almost monthly between april and october, nowadays, we are having 2-3 events per year! eventually i believe flatland will come around again into the media light, whatever the case, flatmatters probably wouldnt be here, if I was still working for Ride UK, id rather have this site, it was just a page.

  6. This is way better than ride UK and Mark Noble (does he still ride i doubt it ) yeah totally E the internet is way more informative ,and the number of riders in flatland is growing and the parts that are avaliable now well the choice is endless,it will only grow bigger and better.

  7. yeah mark does still ride i believe Howard. you know he owns deluxe? with regards to ride from back when flatmatters was in the mag i remember mentioning Matti Hemmings in the Welshside column from time to time and supplying photos. lot of work at times when sometimes not much was going down in wales but it all helped pay for my nikon camera gear at the time. the internet will see off most of the mags in time. everything has to be instant these days. sometimes things gotta go underground to come back bigger and better.

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