11 thoughts on “BMX Cologne – Pro Flatland Livestream!

  1. Flatland finals live stream at 8:30 am EST, no, wait-9. Make that 9:15. Oops, meant 9:45. Really, it’ll be at 10. Hold on 10:20. Screw it, we’ll start it at 10:10.

    Here’s the last 4 riders in the final.

    Awesome job!

  2. all the delays and then I got to see 1/2 of Alex’s run and that was it! They said they would be back with second runs but then went to super bowl…

  3. too bad it only had, james, moto, alex, and dominic. even if i rewind it, it still starts on james run.

  4. Of the 4 riders I saw, I would say either James White or Moto. Both were dialed and hit no touch runs. I thought James had more variety. But again, didn’t see 2/3 of the field.

    Lot of big names missing-Matthias is injured, but no Viki, Dub, Adam Kun, Hiro, Tsutomu & the rest of the japanese heavy hitters, with Scott MCing, thought Terry would be there

  5. Pro Fatland Results

    1 Dominik Nekolny [Czech]
    2 Moto Sasaki [Japan]
    3 Matthieu Bonnécuelle [France]
    4 James White [England]
    5 Alex Jumelin [USA]
    6 George Manos [Greece]
    7 Waldemar Fatkin [Germany]
    8 Dez Maarsen [Netherlands]
    9 Alberto Moya [Spain]
    10 Takayuki Iwate [Japan]
    11 Guelo Monzon [Spain]
    12 Chiquet Raphael [France]
    13 Kevin Nikulski [Germany]
    14 Shintaro Misawa [Japan]

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