Bmx Flatland World Classic extend entry

Any non-Japanese riders can join, but pre-registration will be needed. The registration schedule will be announced soon. Here is the list of criteria of qualification.

1. Non-Japanese riders
2. 2009 / 2010 KOG Pro
3. KOG Champions
4.2009 KOG Expert top 20

Entry fee is 15000 yen.

The riders have already qualified are following.

1 Matthias Dandois: France
2 Youhei Uchino: Japan
3 Viki Gomez: Spain
4 Terry Adams: USA
5 Hiroya Morizaki: Japan
6 Shintaro Misawa: Japan
7 Raphael Chiquet: France
8 York Uno: Japan
9 Shinichi Kiba: Japan
10 Tsutomu Kitayama : Japan

4 thoughts on “Bmx Flatland World Classic extend entry

  1. Hotoke has been past KOG champion, so i presume he can enter, going to be one hell of a serious competition! The top ten ranked guys dont have to qualify, so its like a seeded event id imagine, which makes sense. Should have been done like this a lot sooner.

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