BMX Rad Girls 2015 vol. II

Paulatrix just dropped Volume 2 of the Rad Girls series, good vibes and good riding from Eri Funatsu, Kendra jamming at the Battle in the Rockies, Jazz Pintasilgo, Aubrey Wyn, Tsuda Tomeanzu, Julia Preuss, Women of Freestyles very own Kim Klisiak, Miyuki Dezaki, Yuki Shinkawa, Rin Isogai, Boyana Kale, Liberty Armstrong, Nao Matsui, B Fun, Eriko Ono, Erin Donato who is now married and taken the name Erin Fricke (check her part from around 9:25), Watantabe Sohana (watch the boomerang move at 11:32 amazing control for such a young girl!). Rad Girls!

7 thoughts on “BMX Rad Girls 2015 vol. II

  1. Thanks for posting! And thanks for all the positive feed back. I’m amazed at all the talented girls out there, can’t wait to ride again!

    • This was great Paula! The edit really helped engage a young girl I’m teaching at my flat school! This kind of thing is much needed in flatland. Great to see the young girl, Watantabe Sohana clip going viral on Facebook!

      • Im so shocked at how Sohana’s clip is getting out there. It’s at 851K views, and 25000 shares so far. I’m amazed and excited to be part of something like that. I’m getting emails and comments from many mom’s and dad’s of young girls saying how they are so happy to see something like this and how it has encouraged their little girl. It makes me feel really good. I wonder if in 10 years from now there will be a mini Rad Girl Army talking about a video they saw in 2015 that made them want to ride. The ultimate goal.

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