Bmxboze Karakkaze jam edit

The bmxboze guys rule!!! enjoy!!

2 thoughts on “Bmxboze Karakkaze jam edit

  1. HeHe were the late nite flatland video stalkers Effraim, Maybe I should start reporting for Flatmatters aswell… SNOOP from global by the way. Also..Any more info on the Zion Focus..release dates? Good amount of taper being added to the sear stays? removable brake mounts? haha i can wish..keep us posted..wait..I know you will. 🙂

  2. Hey bob,
    I didnt see the video on global until I posted it, got my update from another source hehe, but good work!!!
    Focus update; Sam is waiting for next prototype, with few changes to the back end, seat clamp area, thicker dropouts, general beefing up of tubes etc, Feedback from myself and sam has generally been that the back end needs to change, the dropouts points down which when your doing tech stuff with minimal room for error, the back wheel drags, which isn't good! The seat clamp area will be improved by using an Allen key system from the top tube, so nice and clean for foot jam decades..generally Sam and mislav won't put out the product out till they are happy with
    it. No idea yet on production…any help with Flatmatters is welcome bob, here's my email

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