6 thoughts on “Bmxboze KOG Finals edit

  1. Killer edit!

    – Hiro goes off! His combos were definitey some of the best of the contest!

    – Tsutomu has one of the best styles in flat! He could easily have won the contest! His combos are huge!!! I love how these guys are going for it!

    – Great to see Toon in there, Junglerider represent!

    – Really stoked Ucchie dropped that brand new combo that was on the Ares/Superb day 0 edit!

    – Matthias has the ability to hang on, some of those combos look like he’s off, then freestyles his way back into control, that is amazing! From the live online feed battles i saw he did look the most dialled.

    – I thought Moto looked a lil’ off on this day, I only saw the earlier rounds, and a lot of people were falling, all in all though the thing I took out of watching the first battles, is that guys are going for it again! This is healthy!!

  2. Taiko is so dope! although not landed what is great is that dudes are going for stuff in contests, that to me is inspiring, and as I said a while back in my editorial, that has been what flatland has been missing (in contests)..

  3. I was wondering about Hiro a few weeks ago, well I know what the guy was up to! I love the pedal stuff coming back… Moto and Uchie (that pedal spinning to Xfoot spin was sick)!

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